Author: Arvid Norberg,
Version: 1.2.7



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Declared in "libtorrent/kademlia/ed25519.hpp"

std::array<char, 32> ed25519_create_seed ();

See documentation of internal random_bytes

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Declared in "libtorrent/kademlia/ed25519.hpp"

std::tuple<public_key, secret_key> ed25519_create_keypair (
   std::array<char, 32> const& seed);

Creates a new key pair from the given seed.

It's important to clarify that the seed completely determines the key pair. Then it's enough to save the seed and the public key as the key-pair in a buffer of 64 bytes. The standard is (32 bytes seed, 32 bytes public key).

This function does work with a given seed, giving you a pair of (64 bytes private key, 32 bytes public key). It's a trade-off between space and CPU, saving in one format or another.

The smaller format is not weaker by any means, in fact, it is only the seed (32 bytes) that determines the point in the curve.

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Declared in "libtorrent/kademlia/ed25519.hpp"

signature ed25519_sign (span<char const> msg
   , public_key const& pk, secret_key const& sk);

Creates a signature of the given message with the given key pair.

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Declared in "libtorrent/kademlia/ed25519.hpp"

bool ed25519_verify (signature const& sig
   , span<char const> msg, public_key const& pk);

Verifies the signature on the given message using pk

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Declared in "libtorrent/kademlia/ed25519.hpp"

public_key ed25519_add_scalar (public_key const& pk
   , std::array<char, 32> const& scalar);
secret_key ed25519_add_scalar (secret_key const& sk
   , std::array<char, 32> const& scalar);

Adds a scalar to the given key pair where scalar is a 32 byte buffer (possibly generated with ed25519_create_seed), generating a new key pair.

You can calculate the public key sum without knowing the private key and vice versa by passing in null for the key you don't know. This is useful when a third party (an authoritative server for example) needs to enforce randomness on a key pair while only knowing the public key of the other side.

Warning: the last bit of the scalar is ignored - if comparing scalars make sure to clear it with scalar[31] &= 127.

see see test_ed25519 for a practical example

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Declared in "libtorrent/kademlia/ed25519.hpp"

std::array<char, 32> ed25519_key_exchange (
   public_key const& pk, secret_key const& sk);

Performs a key exchange on the given public key and private key, producing a shared secret. It is recommended to hash the shared secret before using it.

This is useful when two parties want to share a secret but both only knows their respective public keys. see test_ed25519 for a practical example